It's Monday August 25th

So, it's the last Monday of the summer.

Technically, though, my summer ended yesterday. I am back at work and ready to get another amazing year started! Somehow it seems to be easier to get these posts written when I am in a work-a-day mode. This post represents several weeks of reading... and I know my reading volume will slow considerably now that I'm back to work.

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** (Must read 2014)
Amazing historical fiction. I loved the WWII setting and the powerful friendship between two amazing women. So glad this was on my Must Read 2014 list!

I love Gail Simone's run on Batgirl. This was a nice stand-alone story.

Not out out - but put it on your radar for September. A great introduction to the life of one of my favorite authors from childhood. I didn't know just how progressive and independent she was! I'm also looking forward to the adult memoirs from her diaries coming out soon.

** (Must read 2014)
Very dark tale of superheroes gone bad. For upper high school and adults. The art is fabulous, but the story doesn't feel as highly developed as I had hoped.

** (Must read 2014)
I'm glad I read it - but it didn't really do it for me. I loved the science fiction parts of the story a LOT... but the more realistic portions of the story rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like the story jumped all around and it made me a little seasick.

** (Must read 2014)
Did I mention I love Simone's Batgirl? I'm still catching up - there are 4 volumes out now. Very dark but Batgirl rocks the world.

Another September book to keep on your radar. This is a middle grade fantasy. Gaining magical powers makes for a rough transition to the teen years, and losing your beloved dog is even worse. Very well done story that I think kids will really like!

I love Young's artistic style, and I adore puffins. Your primary kids are going to get a huge kick out of this tale. (late September release date)

** (Must Read in 2014)
I just adore this series. Mixing science fiction with seriously fractured fairy tales is clearly my jam. I can't wait for Winter and Fairest!

Peek into the mind of a young man intent on murder-suicide. I listened to this one and it just about gutted me on a daily basis. So important - I think high schoolers and teachers from middle school on up should all read this book.

Silly and fun - a wonderful early science fiction novel for upper elementary. Pair with the picture book How to Make a Planet!

Middle grade fantasy/steam punk. It has fascinating world-building and intriguing characters. While it was not consistently well-paced, I was hooked on the world and the story by the end and will definitely continue this series.

Update on Must Read...

2014 - I have 9/44 left to read. Will I make it? Since I started with 36 and then added more, I won't be TOO hard on myself if one or two of the books slip to the 2015 list..

2015 - I've already started marking books for my Must Read 2015 list. I won't formalize it until the end of December, so some books may get removed and others may get added. Here's what I have so far...


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