It's Monday July 14th

I'm actually at a teacher conference this week called Confratute. I help out with the conference, and it keeps me hopping! Between that and running a virtual writing camp, I'm going to keep this one short.

I'm at UConn, and one of the first things my roomie and I did was check out the local bookstore. I managed to refrain from buying any books - for now. We have Aaron Becker coming to speak on Thursday, so I'm hoping to get a signed copy of Journey....

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Here's a sampling of the books I've read over the past 2 weeks. I'll try to visit other blogs as much as I can, but I may make it to your post late. If possible, leave me a link in the comments so I can find it easily!

Lots of great 2014 books ...

Beautiful, simple nonfiction book about Gravity. I loved the illustrations and short text.

Jane Yolen is one of my favorites, and this was great! Oddly enough, it was part historical fiction (set in the 1960s) and part mythical. I loved watching the baby centaur grow up with his human and horse family.

What would you do with an 8th day? What if that ability to have a hidden eighth day came with magical powers? Really cool premise and exciting middle grade fantasy story.

This is GREAT! Becky Thatcher isn't the kid you remember from reading Mark Twain books... she's actually the inspiration for many of his tales. GET THIS BOOK! Maybe it will even inspire some kids to pick up some Twain.

MUST READ in 2014 progress:

I read two more. One was an audiobook and one an anthology.

Amazing! I didn't like the narrator at first but then she felt just perfect. Graceling will always be my favorite, but Bitterblue is a fabulous story with lots of book-love and puzzles.

Kids will love this one, but my limited sports knowledge made some of the stories hard for me to follow.

Have a great reading week - and I'll be sure to post about the Aaron Becker speech later in the week!


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