It's Monday May 12th

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Trying to NOT wait three weeks to share my reading.... here are a few gems from the past two weeks.

Cleopatra in Space is a lot of fun - and got big raves from my two readers at home as well. It's already making the rounds in my classroom. Fabulous graphic novel!

(Looking for more great graphic novels and comics? I have a huge shelf of them on Goodreads
and a board of them on Pinterest )

I finished a few more "Must Read in 2014" titles and also added some. I'm up to 44 on the list now, since I was getting through a lot of them this spring!

I'm actually reading the first omnibus now. It's due TODAY and I have a few more issues left to finish. There are about 38 in the omnibus. It's HUGE.

Some amazing and some not as amazing stories in this anthology celebrating Bradbury. Gaiman's story, of course, was magical. (Audiobook)

I enjoyed this story - but not as much as many bloggers seemed to. I will definitely continue the series, though. (I tried to marble my nails to match this cover and failed. I'll give it another go)

Beekle is a gem. The story is adorable and the artwork is amazing. Loved this picture book!

I'll be starting Fangirl (as an audiobook) today. I'm also halfway through Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw... my students are going to riot if I don't finish that soon... and The Falconer.

UntitledFirst job is to finish the last few issues of this monster! (photo was from yesterday when I was still only half done)

Happy Reading!


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