It's Monday - April 21st

Another three weeks have gone by already? I'm making this a quick write-up, because I have a few other pieces of writing I promised to complete today. I hope you find a new book to add to your piles from my list!

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Graphic Novels:
An excellent assortment over this past few weeks. Silver Six was one my son discovered at our library, and I'm now purchasing a copy for my classroom.

Picture Books:
All of these were good, but none of them really "wowed" me.
Stonehenge was a good introduction to the history and mystery, but lacked the backmatter to make the title sparkle.

Poe's Pie will be fun to use with kids in math, but the poetry itself didn't amaze or thrill me.

(this was a "must read in 2014" title)

Tuesday Tucks Me In had some excellent information about how dogs can help people, and will fascinate kids who love animals.

Young Adult Novels:
Wow! This was an excellent slew of novels.
I'm reading and discussing Not a Drop with Kathy (aka @thebrainlair) on our blogs and our new Facebook page. I just finished the final section.

I adored Shadow and Bone, and have already started the sequel in preparation for the release of the final book in the trilogy.

Everyone says not to read reviews of We Were Liars, and I'm glad I listened. This is a must read... get it on your radar for the summer!

Gae's latest book, The Summer of Letting Go, was beautiful and sad. A lovely look at family, loss, and friendship.

I enjoyed the action and the premise, but didn't feel a strong connection to the characters over most of the book. Still, the intriguing world building means I'll be back for the second title.

Middle Grade:
I've had an excellent run of book choices, and middle grade is no exception.

Annika Riz, Math Whiz will get a full review. A simple story with an excellent premise - Annika loves math. Her friends don't, but they support her as she enters a Sudoku contest.

Nonfiction to feed a writer's soul. Well written, easy to read, with great "writing dares" along the way.

From my "must read" list - Laurel Snyder doesn't disappoint.

This was a "Battle of the books" selection. Funny and action packed.

Awesome. I loved Mark of the Dragonfly. The cover appeal is strong - just one day on my "new arrivals" shelf and it was snagged by a new reader. I hope we get more from this author!!


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