Slice - Waiting on Tenterhooks

I had already written a Slice for Sunday - and it's published and linked up. Then I wanted to write this one. So by the time YOU read it, my wait will be over. I'll know what the actual snowfall looked like Sunday night and I'll be gazing out the window at whatever Monday is bringing. Consider this your trip in the TARDIS to yesterday...
on tenterhooksanxiously waiting for news about someone or something She was on tenterhooks until her son called and said he was not hurt.Etymology: based on the literal meaning of tenterhook (a hook that holds cloth that is stretched to dry), suggesting that someone's emotions are tightly stretched like a piece of cloth held by tenterhooks
link: on tenterhooks

It's been an.... interesting... winter. Yeah, let's go with "interesting". Lots of snow. Lots of ice. Lots of missed school days, two hour delays, and wildly out of control students on the days we ARE there.

We actually had a full week of school last week, and the kids were just starting to get back into the real swing of things. By Wednesday, I was hopeful that we could move forward. Yes, I had to abandon a few cool projects in February in the interest on "getting on with things".... but it was going to be March soon.. and everything would be better. Right? RIGHT?!?

Maybe. Maybe not. I realize weather forecasting is almost as much like herding cats as teaching can be. Yet the predictions for the storm sweeping into my area are all over the place!

Will we get SIX to TWELVE inches of
sleet and snow?

Or will it be closer to THREE inches?

Tonight is my Cub Scout Pack's annual Blue & Gold event. Fifteen fifth grade boys will cross over to Boy Scouts. Honestly, I'm just hoping we can get that event squeezed in before the weather ruins our plans. 

UntitledAs far as what this school week will bring? We've already lost Spring Break. We're already going until June 20th. I'm not sure what else this winter thinks it can do to us! I'm set. I have a BAZILLION books to read. I have purchased supplies for a cool craft I've wanted to do. I have several new colors of nail polish calling my name. I have plenty of milk, and eggs, and even chocolate chips to make cookies. 

So go for it, winter. Do your worst. I'm planning on making the best of it. 

(Update at 7:00 - we ended up with about an inch and a 2 hour delay... )

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