Slice - Updating the 'do

Just a quick post today, because I have so much on my plate! I write a weekly Star Wars post for the FandomPost, and I really should be typing that up right now.

UntitledLast year I gave up and started coloring my hair. I know, I know... It shouldn't really be a big deal. I spent so many childhood years hating my hair color that I don't even know why I got so attached to it as an adult.

As a kid I always described my hair as "mouse poop". Instead, I longed to have jet black hair or a curly red mop like many of my favorite characters in stories. WHO had just plan, boring, somewhere between brown and blond hair??

Then I grew to love it. I had lots of different shades of browns and blonds naturally, and I was terrified that coloring it would destroy that ordinary look. The grey threatened to completely take over anyway, so I gave in. I got it done.

Shall I also admit that I'm not very good about keeping up with being stylish? The last time my hair was cut and colored was June 25th - right before my trip to Ireland. Yeah... it's been that long. My nine year old pestered me for several months to remember to go get it done again, and then gave up a few months ago.

Now it is freshly colored and cut... and I really love it. I just wish I didn't have to spend two hours stuck in a chair to get it dealt with. I guess that's the real reason I only do it a few times a year.

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