Slice - Total Bust... or not?

Well, the promised 8-14 inches of snow turned into about an inch. As of this moment, we have just a little bit of light snow falling on the lawns and driveways.

Untitled When we got the 2 hour delay call last night, I was sure that I would wake up to a day off. Yes, I'm sick of being home. Yes, I really don't want to lose the LAST of our spring break days. We're down to just a three day weekend at this point.

Even so.... I had enough entertaining options for the day that I'm a wee bit disappointed. I wanted to do a test run of my Dalek and TARDIS sugar cookies for this weekend's 9 year old festivities. I wanted to work on my READ craft. I wanted to have time to leisurely catch up with the bills.

Instead, I'm sitting at my keyboard frantically trying to get a stack of those things done before heading off to work.

Bills done - check
Pestering children about random odd jobs they have neglected - check

The sugar cookies will just have to wait for another day.

Overall, I'm glad to get in to work. My Monday programming group has missed several sessions and I'm happy to get the chance to start catching them up. Can we make this the last of the snow for the season? Pretty please?

Update - 8:21 AM
Just as we were about to go warm up the car, we got a new call - SCHOOL'S OUT! Back to plan A. Helping the boys do their "snow day" extra work and catching up on laundry and cookies. Hope you also enjoy your day!

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