Slice - Silence Will Fall

It's quiet in my house. Too quiet.

No, it's not the scary quiet of toddlers who may be playing in the toilet.

Or the dreaded middle of the night quiet when you are startled awake by a random noise but then can't hear a thing.

There is the soft tapping of the keyboard, of course.

There is also the soothing hum of the dryer that should have run this morning and now my husband didn't have a second pair of jeans to take camping and I know he's really annoyed. (Wow, my high school English teacher would have an aneurism even thinking about that sentence. I apologize to all the editors in the crowd.)

No, the silence that has fallen is not the kind I won't remember, forcing me to draw tally marks on my arms and face to keep track of when I've seen them. (Further apologies are now bestowed upon those of you who have no idea that these creepy bad guys are from Doctor Who but will now have nightmares because EEEEK they are creepy!)

The silence is that of an empty house. Except for the dogs, who I'm sure will bark at random neighbors to keep me entertained, I am alone until Sunday morning.

My sons and husband just left the house for a Cub Scout camping trip. Those of you who know me, or read this blog regularly, know that I have gone on a ton of these trips. I'm not a camper, but I put on a happy face and make sure that those boys know that GIRLS CAN CAMP, too.

This time, though, I have a valid excuse. I was asked by a colleague to help run some sessions for preservice teachers tomorrow on gifted education. Of COURSE I had to say yes, right?

So tonight, I'm basking in the silence that has fallen. I'm writing, and reading, and maybe watching some Doctor Who or Clone Wars. I may even indulge in a bit of liquid therapy. What do you have in store this fine weekend?

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