Slice of Geeky Funtime

My younger son has been attempting to get some friends together for a Doctor Who themed sleepover for several months now. We tried a date in January - snowed out. We tried a date in February - snowed out.

FINALLY, we were able to get a date that Mother Nature didn't dump all over... last Friday night.

There was extensive planning that went into this event. They created elaborate games like "Hide the Dalek". One boy decided to bring some episodes of the Fourth Doctor and his Doctor Who themed Monopoly game. My son and I planned to have a fiesta of Whovian themed foods.

As it turned out, the food went over fairly well. Pizza was shaped into TARDIS forms before baking. Jammie Dodgers and Jelly Babies were acquired. Dalek and TARDIS cookies were decorated. Only a few brave souls tried fish fingers and custard, but no one puked.

The boys, though, seemed to prefer to engage in shouting and beating one another over the head with (thankfully) padded objects over watching much Doctor Who. They did make it through half of "Army of Ghosts", with accompanying commentary on the characters who appear. Adorably, they sometimes shushed each other so they could hear the dialogue better.  They also watched "Silence in the Library". No one had nightmares. (whew)

I'll be working on a longer writeup of the food and festivities for a friend's blog soon. For now, I was just happy that they didn't keep me awake all night and there were no tears.

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