Slice - The Little Things

It can be hard to make huge changes in a lifestyle. I can't ride my bike to work, and buying an electric car is way out of my price range. My children and I are fairly picky about what fruits and vegetables we will eat, so it's much hard to just eat things that are locally grown when it isn't the right season.

What I try to do, though, is make little changes. Reminders to turn out lights that aren't in use. Turning the thermostat down (or up) a degree or two. Packing my lunch with reusable containers and non disposable utensils that come back home instead of being thrown away.

UntitledMy latest "little change" is for my Keurig. Yes, I'm spoiled. I adore my coffee maker, and I don't intend to give it up. All of those little plastic containers that head to the landfills were adding up to a pretty large guilt trip.

A few weeks ago I picked up a reusable insert. Now I can use (cheaper) bagged ground coffee. Instead of throwing out several little K-cups a day, I just rinse out my container.

Maybe it's not perfect. Now I use more water each day when I rinse it out. I'm hoping, though, that the decrease in household waste helps make up for that.

I'm not setting the world ablaze with my little changes, but it's a start.

I’m participating in a writing community at Two Writing Teachers. We write about a little "slice of our life" each Tuesday. In March - we attempt to write a slice EVERY day! Head over to their blog for the link up.

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