Slice - Kinda Techie or Techie Poser?

I sat down this morning with the intention of writing about my Ireland trip again. I have a bunch of the photos uploaded to Flickr... at least the ones I took with my phone. As I scoured through those photos, I realized that the vast majority of the images I wanted to use in my pieces are on a different drive in the household network.

You see, my husband is a real techie. He's a programmer and everything. Some days I feel like a techie poser. Those are the days when I can remember there ARE directions for how to do what I want... but I can't really recall what they are.

Yes, many of those directions can be googled, or discovered through a help menu. So many problems I encounter with my technology are easy to fix because someone (or many someones) have uploaded helpful files or even YouTube videos to share the solutions.

Am I a techie poser because I rely on those helpful, faceless denizens of the internet to be my help desk? No, I honestly think that knowing HOW to find solutions is a relatively techie thing to do. I try to model those behaviors in front of my students as often as I can. I don't want them to see me as THE expert. I want them to know that I don't come to class knowing how to do everything. Instead, their questions and interests and creativity spark the need to find more solutions every day. They need to see their mentors not know the answer and know how to find it - or find a workaround for the day.

So, why do I feel like a techie poser today? I can not figure out how to map a drive to the happy spot in my household network that stores those photos. All the regular solutions don't work. I try to KEEP a mapped drive - it keeps disappearing. When I double click on the spot in my menu that should take me to that drive - the finder crashes. There is a simple solution. I know my husband has a small command he types that directly connects me... but I can't remember what it is.

So today - I am a techie poser. Perhaps this will help me remember to WRITE IT DOWN the next time he shows me?

Maybe tomorrow you'll get a gloriously detailed Slice about some of the green and lovely photos I took. Or a Slice about acrophobia at the Cliffs of Moher. Or a Slice about the fulfillment of my lifetime dream to have a freaking HAWK on my arm. Today, however, is not that day.

I’m participating in a writing community at Two Writing Teachers. We write about a little "slice of our life" each Tuesday. In March - we attempt to write a slice EVERY day! Head over to their blog for the link up.

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