Slice - Jumping in the Deep End

I'm not a big one for risk taking. I try to set some goals each year that will inspire me to do at least a few things that make me nervous. 

ReadTheArchived BadgeMy friend Kathy (@thebrainlair) and I have been doing shared book buddy reading and chats for a while now. We had to take a break in the last chunk of 2013, due to other commitments. When I saw her at ALA in January, we decided that our next book would be The Archived. We started to tweet, and several people were curious about it.

We'd only really read and discussed between ourselves (and a few times with Sherry - @libraryfanatic) before. Could we pull off a bigger format? Could we stick to a schedule and help model discussions for other readers?

We took a deep breath and took the plunge. One Nerdy Book Club post later, and we had a Facebook page and a Tumblr for Batty About Books. We were hoping to get about 20 people to read along. We have about 60 on the FB page. It's exciting to get something going that others join. I bet it feels a little bit like it must have felt to get so many people to jump in and Slice! (though we are MUCH smaller).

While we're still at the beginning of this endeavor (we've posted about the cover and the first 1/3 of the book now), I'm happy I dove in.

Taking a risk feels a little bit good... even for the risk averse.

I’m participating in a writing community at Two Writing Teachers. We write about a little "slice of our life" each Tuesday. In March - we attempt to write a slice EVERY day! Head over to their blog for the link up.

If you stop by and have written your own slice, please leave the link in the comments so I can easily find your post!


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