Slice - Hail and Farewell

I finally did it. I gutted my closet. Sadly, this is probably the hardest post I've written yet this month. It's hard to grieve the me I used to be...

"Hail and Farewell"

Hail and Farewell
  to the sweet little skirt and top
I last wore 15 years ago.
While the colors are still lovely,
   it's time to wish you well with
your next partner.

Hail and Farewell
   to the little black dress
from the cruise.
May someone who can zip it
   now enjoy the splash of sparkle
in the cleavage.

Hail and Farewell
   to all the little summer tops
with the built in shelf bras.
It's not you... it's me.

Hail and Farewell
    to the thick and toasty
sweaters gathering dust.
May you each find a home with
    loving arms that don't
experience daily hot flashes.

Hail and Farewell
to the
    hope of "someday"
Two children and many years
have passed
    I deserve
to look amazing

I’m participating in a writing community at Two Writing Teachers. We write about a little "slice of our life" each Tuesday. In March - we attempt to write a slice EVERY day! Head over to their blog for the link up.

If you stop by and have written your own slice, please leave the link in the comments so I can easily find your post!


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