Slice - Emergency Chocolate

My "Green Eggs and Ham"
Everyone has that one (or two) thing they just won't eat. For me, it's always... always... always been mint combined with chocolate.

I do not like it as ice cream.
I do not like it in a cookie.
    (sorry, girl scouts)
I do not like it as a gooey
    minty center surrounded
    by delicious dark chocolate...

At least, that is what I thought.

Until one fateful day last week, when I was desperately digging through my desk for that last little remnant of my emergency chocolate. Come on, I know I can't be the only one with a stash in the back of a drawer. That small bag of Lindt that was placed on my desk by loving students at Christmas? The handful of Dove chocolate that was taped to a Valentine card? Yeah, you know what I mean.

There was no chocolate remaining in the basket on my principal's desk, either. I was just downright out of luck. Until... I remembered the last few pieces tucked in the very back... that were mint chocolate.

Just how desperate was I for a little sugar rush? I decided to dig out that shiny green wrapper and see.

To my utter amazement, I liked it!

I would eat it in a car.
I would eat it at a bar.
I would eat mint chocolate bars!

While I don't think it will ever eclipse my love for plain dark chocolate, or caramel goo, or even a nice little layer of nuts.... mint chocolate is no longer on my "no go" list. Who knew?

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