Slice - Battle of the Books Round One Announcement

My students were thrilled to nominate titles for our second annual Battle of the Books! Last year we had the idea at the last minute. This year, we announced our 32 picks before winter break, so students could spend the next few months reading some of the titles they had missed along the way. I had already read 22 of the 32 choices. I've since read several more (though I didn't get all 32 completed).

This past week we had our first round of voting. I can't wait to see what they think when they hear about the winners! Second round starts on Monday.

I announced the matches on Twitter Friday evening. I tried to be creative, but I lost steam somewhere before the end.

(I've read both of these)  

(I had read Hero's Guide prior to the announcement of the Contenders and read Kingdom Keepers in January)  

(I have read Lightning Thief but haven't yet finished House of Hades)  

(The Hobbit is a personal favorite. I haven't read Candymakers yet)  

(Sports books are NOT my thing, but I read Game Changers last week because my students love it. I adore Maniac Magee)

(I love both books, but WYRM is a #Heartprint book partly due to my love of Wrinkle in Time)  

(Yeah... adore both of these books. My fifth graders are MAD about Claire Legrand - Year of Shadows)  

(I love both books... but I'm surprised that the older Westing Game beat the newer book.)

(Again, I've read and loved both books)  

(ZERO surprises here. My kids are Tom Angleberger fanatics. I haven't read Name of This Book yet)  

(Classic title vs. a really good recent read. I've read both)  

(Another great pair of books. SO different, though!)  

(I adore Found, and haven't yet read Among the Hidden)  

(Felony Bay is wonderful. I haven't yet read Riddle)  

(I was delighted to have Laurie Halse Anderson respond to this tweet!)  

(I really enjoyed reading Mango Shaped Space in February.. I haven't read Chomp yet. Guess I need to make time for that one now!)  

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