It's Monday - March 31st

 Once again, it's been a few weeks since I stopped by (so this is NOT a single week of reading!) The Slice of Life challenge kept me hopping.

I'll also do a year-to-date #MustReadin2014 update tomorrow. Carrie decided that quarterly updates would work out well, so many of the MustReaders will be sharing. Come back and join the fun!

Since Last IMWAYR...

Batty About Books!

Kathy and I finished reading The Archived. Thanks to any of you who stopped by our brand new Facebook Page or left messages on our blog posts. We have moved onto Not a Drop to Drink now, and will post about the first 95 pages on Saturday the 5th (we posted our thoughts about the cover this past Saturday)

This comes out in July, and is another great one by John David Anderson! Not quite as much action as the first, but I still love his voice and the deeper messages in the "super" genre.

Wow! How had I NOT read this one before? Seriously, it is great! A wall that transports the kids through space and time... it's a fabulous adventure.

Good but not amazing science fiction tale here. My favorite character died too soon, and the back talks about the "romance" sub plot that wasn't very good.

NOT my usual thing. Several of you laughed along at my updates on FB and Goodreads along the way. Carter gave me serious anxiety about my boys heading to high school (well, not SOON.. but still). He won me over by the end.

This was amazing, and the narrator was fabulous! Great diverse lit read for high schoolers, with a powerful message about friendship, bullying, and how we can so easily lose great minds to bad situations.

Other Young Adult
LOVE THIS SERIES! I forgot to put Scarlet on my "must read" list, but both Cinder and Cress are on it... so of course I read this one.

UntitledAnother "not my usual" genre that I ended up loving. So heartbreakingly sad. I thought the writing style was lovely, too. I kept wanting to stop and write down quotes as I read. It even got the "bookish nails" treatment...

Middle Grade Novels
I was excited to get my hands on this one, but not super enthralled. It's a good starter science fiction, but parts felt forced and it didn't really hold my attention.

This, however, was adorable. I got it at ALA completely for the title (find out why, below if you are intrigued....) but thought it was just so cute.

He called her "cupcake" all winter break.
They are "cupcake cousins".
Always love Angleberger... but Angleberger + Leia? Serious win.

Finally - I did a bunch of reading to get ready for my Dinosaur Day event with Cub Scouts. I also did some other fun picture book fiction and nonfiction reading over the past month.

Happy reading!


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