It's Monday March 10th

I haven't updated in a while, so I won't regale you with everything... but just some of the books I've read in the last three weeks.

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I've added 3 more titles to my "done" list in this category:    (14/36)

Solid superhero science fiction, but slow in spots.

I'll have an interview with this author on my blog next week! I really enjoyed it... creepy and solidly YA


Picture Books:

Out this year, this book is the perfect addition to my "all men are created equal" history unit with my fifth graders.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If you like this artist or the Little Prince, this is a must read.

So very odd... lovely, but odd.

Another marvelous picture book biography. I loved this story and learned a lot about him!

An interesting overview, but I wish I got more information in the back!

I finished the audio book of Monsters of Men (Ness). Wow! The addition of the extra voice in this third book in the series was a masterful touch. The Mayor reminds me a lot of the Governor in Walking Dead. I really, truly, completely detested him... mostly.

I also read The Fifth Wave by Yancey. It was definitely an intriguing look at an alien invasion, but the romance angle felt weak.

I'm also still reading The Archived with Kathy from The Brain Lair. We even have our own Facebook page so others can join in the discussion!

We're debating our next read now, since we only have one more week on this book...


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