The Parenting Dance

Parenting is a complicated dance.

Some days are full of fun and energy
     Harlem Shakin' all around.

Other days I'm out of step,
      I twist when he bends,
      he shimmies when I shake.

Each day dancing farther apart
     (Except the days he needs my lift, though
it angers him to admit)

Relegated to the role of
    Sideline Support

Expected to always be ready to
     jump back into the fray
     for an unexpected waltz.

It's been a rough few weeks at my house. I'm trying so hard to find the right balance of support for my sons while backing away so they can become more independent. There have been poor scores, forgotten tasks, and tears. I dart back in briefly to bolster each one, helping set up backpacks and binders to be more efficient. I want to become obsolescent, but the days of holding their hands are still so close in my memory. Mistakes have been made - on both sides. We have years left to rehearse the dance, though I doubt it will ever be perfect.

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