Non Fiction 10 for 10 - History is HERS, too.

History is filled with the story of men, but we all know that women were just as important in shaping our world. Here are a few of my favorites... some brand new and some older titles. 

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Healing Hands

Clara and Davie

A lovely story of the early life of Clara Barton. It's a wonderful way to show students that famous women in history started out as children - just like them. Clara's love for animals and healing were with her from the very beginning, and her older brother Davie was her support and inspiration.

Florence Nightingale

A beautiful title! I wrote a full review earlier this year on the blog. 

Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?: The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell

I can't even tell you how much I love this book! My mother went back to school to become a doctor while I was in middle school, and I am proud to share that fact every time I share this book with students. 
Full review on my blog: 

Adventurers! Risk Takers!
Dare the Wind: The Record breaking Voyage of Eleanor Prentiss and the Flying Cloud

Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909

Clara never quit. And she never accepted that girls should be treated poorly and paid little. 
So Clara fought back. Fed up with the mistreatment of her fellow laborers, Clara led the largest walkout of women workers in the country's history. " (Goodreads blurb) 


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