It's Monday February 17th

It's Monday - which means it's time to share a reading update. Don't forget to head to Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers for more fabulous posts.

I also have exciting news posted over at Nerdy Book Club today - come join Kathy Burnette and I for a fun experiment in a virtual book club. 

I'm continuing to make excellent progress on my #MustReadin2014 and #CORL books. So far this year, I've read 11 of the 36 on my list!

I've always been a fan of vampire novels, and Holly Black knows how to write them! Creepy, gory, and "Dead On". There's the spice of romance without it overwhelming the overall plot. Couldn't put it down.

I was so excited to borrow this book from my building librarian, who snagged it at ALA Midwinter. There were some slow spots for me, but overall I thought it was a great wrap up for the series. My students will be jumping all over me to get a chance to read it.

I loved how the unusual and arcane photographs mixed into the story. I've read that Riggs sometimes went looking for a specific type of image to fit his tale, and sometimes an image jumped out at him and altered the plot. Intriguing! I wish I could share with my older students, but this is definitely firmly young adult.

Comics and Graphic Novels:
As a side note, I was on the round two committee for Cybils in the graphic novel category. I'm excited to announce that Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite won in the middle grade level and Templar won for young adult! (I wrote the blurb for Mirka!) Be sure to check out all the winners.

The story of the first dog in orbit. I was surprised by how sad it was. It's probably best categorized as historical fiction, but there is a TON of great information in here. Hoping to do a full Sci Friday post on it before I have to return it to the library. Young adult.

Shhh... I shouldn't have this one yet! Actually, my son scored a copy at ALA Midwinter. The staff person at the booth was lovely. The stories are GREAT! Be sure to put this one on your "Must Buy Multiple Copies" list.

My students, sons, and I all adore this series. While Hades is still my favorite (mostly due to how he handles Persephone), Aphrodite is a worthy addition. O'Connor manages to take a deity I often detest and craft a sympathetic story. He should go into PR!


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