A little bit of color...

I pride myself on trying to break the mold.

I read comics.  I watch science fiction and fantasy. 

I love my chunky boots and my Converse sneakers; including my favorite Batgirl shoes and my newly acquired grey pinstripe shoes that remind of the Tenth Doctor.

I enjoy being unconventional (compared to many of my students' usual experiences).  Partly for my students. Partly for my sons. Mostly for myself. I wonder, though, if I am giving them the whole message. Girls can be anything. We can DO anything.... including embracing any "girly" traits we like, right?

So when my Twitter pal Shannon Houghton tweeted out photos of her funky fingernails, I was intrigued. Could I let go of my discomfort with girly? Could I let a quintessentially feminine pastime into my routine?

I started by trying to actually grow nails. Thanks to some advice from my Nerderati, I found the right combination of strengthening polish, fun colors, and quick dry top coat to make it all work for me.

Now I am attracted to color combinations that remind me of a new book on my shelf. This choice jumped out at me once I had read Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy.

Being "girly" is nothing to be ashamed of - if that's what you like. Do what you like. Being strong doesn't have to mean abandoning the feminine.

After all, sometimes it takes a little color to really make a splash.

(On this same topic, check out this inspiring post by Victoria Scott)

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