Must Read in 2014 - The Challenge Begins

Admit it - you have a stack of books somewhere that you've meant to read for AGES. You bought more books than you could read last year (and the year before that), or your ARC "eyes were bigger than your stomach". Friends buy you books. Students tell you that you just must read their latest favorites.

My "to be read" shelf on Goodreads was out of control. I had almost 400 books I'd added over the years, and I couldn't even remember why they were all on the list. After a bit of pruning, I got the list down under 200. Still, I am constantly frustrated by the ones I keep meaning to read and forgetting.

After a bit of chatting on Twitter (of course), Carrie and I started using a hashtag. Others jumped in with their own thoughts on what they planned to read. Thus, a new challenge began.

Carrie at There's a Book for That made her must read list. More and more tweeps made their own lists.

It feels like it took me forever, but I finally whittled my list down to 31. I'll definitely read more than this (my GR goal is 300), but I'll come back to this list as I progress through the year to be sure they get completed.

Comics and Graphic Novels
I'm on the second round Cybils Committee... so some of these are from that list. Others are books I own or keep meaning to read.
MustRead14 Comics and GNs

Batgirl Vol 2
Y The Last Man
Gettysburg Address
Boxers & Saints
Great American Dust Bowl

Middle Grade Science Fiction and Fantasy (and Magical Realism)

MustRead MG SF/F

The True Meaning of Smekday
The Lost Planet (I'll be doing an interview/blog tour for this one in January!)
Bigger than a Breadbox
The Shadow Throne
Any Which Wall

Young Adult Science Fiction / Fantasy

MustRead14 YA scifi fantasy

Tin Star
The Winner’s Curse
Not a Drop to Drink
The Riverman
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Other Genres MG and YA (See? I DO read other genres... sometimes)

MustRead Various Genres

Edgar Allen Poe’s Pie (poetry)
Counting by 7s
The Sports Pages
Period 8
Green Glass Sea

And.... finally.... some adult titles.

Adult - various genres

MustRead14 Adult Titles

Shadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury
Gate to Women’s Country (a long time favorite - rereading)
Ocean at the End of the Lane
Queen Defiant

Well.... just about 10 minutes after I clicked "post" I remembered ONE more to add... 32 isn't bad, right?

Go check out all the other participants, listed at Carrie's site.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, whether you blog or not. Choose your own challenge. Five books, ten? Picture books, graphic novels... it's all up to you. If you are on Twitter, use the tag #MustReadin2014 as you tweet about your list and progress.

I decided that three per month is more than reasonable, so I added the following four titles to my list.

The lovely @LoveofXena sent this to me, and I REALLY want to read it!

Someone was mentioning how much they loved Graceling, and I remembered I needed to read Bitterblue.

Hannahlily loved this one, and so it makes MY list.

Holly Black... enough said.


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