It's Monday December 9th

Once again, I've lapsed in my sharing duties. The end of November involved a lot of blogging to keep up with my Science Fiction Month and Doctor Who Week, so I didn't get as much reading done. The last two weeks, though, have been a flurry of reading activity. I'm trying to get as many of the Nerdy Book Club short list read as possible before voting opens.

So there is NO way I intend to inflict all of that on my friends here... I'll just choose a few highlights to share.

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Nerdy Book Club Prepping... 
This was my haul on Saturday from my local library. I read them all Saturday and Sunday.

Favorites - Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, The Year of Billy Miller, Tree Lady, and Daredevil.

I'm also reading my way through a stack of picture books I won in the I Hate Picture Books contest. Check out my shelf for the ones I got.


So disappointing.

I think kids will love this one. It was cute, but didn't make me jump up and down.

Love, love, love it! Why didn't anyone insist I read this sooner? Listened to the audio book.

Reread for use with students. I love this book.

This is a GREAT book! Definitely creepy - but a creepy that elementary kids can totally handle.

That's probably enough for one post, right? Don't forget to check out the Nerdy Book Club shortlist so you can vote next week, too!

I'm almost to my Goodreads goal of 300 books. Just 14 to go!

One more thing....

I wrote about some observations I made while my son used a word processor to create a first draft. I'm a believer in technology, and I was still surprised and delighted.... "Put those pencils down"


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