It's Monday December 30th

The year has flown by - again.

It seems like the older I get, the faster time seems to pass. Do you recall being in elementary school, and the endless wait for summer? Now it seems like I turn around and my children have grown another 3 inches or are heading off to middle school...

Anyway, it's time for one last "It's Monday" post in 2013. If you're curious, I have already created a "best middle grade reads of 2013" post, and I plan to do some more end of year reflection and 2014 goal setting.

But what did I read THIS week? I'm sharing two weeks worth, since I slacked last week on the posting. Don't forget to visit Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers for more great books to add to your own pile!

Middle Grade Reads:

I kept meaning to read this one - but when it ended up on our short list for my district's "Battle of the Books" AGAIN - I knew it was time. Lovely story!

Another Battle of the Books 2014 book. The kids love this series.

Interesting angle for nonfiction. The cover hooked me, and I want more from this series.

I posted some specific likes and dislikes on my GR page. I'll probably do a full review on Sci Friday.

A graphic novel - what a beautifully illustrated book! It took me a bit to get the hang of the story, but once I did I really liked it! Dark, but not too dark for upper elementary

Young Adult:

Only one during this span - since I was trying to focus on reading some Battle of the Books choices.

I snagged it when it was on sale as an ebook. Definitely creepy - murders and darkness and evil lurking in the hearts of men and all that.

Curious about my Battle of the Books? I posted about last year's process, and I'll post about this year's titles and process soon! Last year it was just 4 schools, but this year we have all 10 elementary schools in my district participating (just the kids who are identified as gifted, since it is the gifted teachers running the battle. That was the only way to make it manageable).


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