How's that Nerdlution Thing Going, Anyway?

There's nothing like a motivated group of friends to help you get going on your own goals. That's really what the "Nerdlution" revolution is all about. Still, I know myself well enough to have chosen some reasonably doable goals. I didn't pick a specific number - or even a very specific set of tasks. Instead, I promised to do something in each of three categories each day.

-- I've done a better job keeping up with household tasks like laundry and dishes WITHOUT having a negative attitude about it.
-- I sometimes spot a little job around the house and just do it instead of being annoyed by it. On Sunday, I remembered that the mantel hasn't been dusted in... (cough.... redacted..) and I just did it.
-- I've also scheduled a Big Brothers, Big Sisters pickup for December 21st and started purging clothes and books to put in the giveaway pile.

-- I've gotten back into using the elliptical (though only 15 minutes at a time).
-- I've been doing leg lunges and lifts most days... and I've upped the number I can do.
-- I've increased my plank from 45 seconds to 60.
-- I'm back to using an app to track my food most days. While I'm not obsessive about my calorie intake, tracking it does help me say no to candy and junk more often than I would otherwise.

-- Consciously choosing to be more loving has helped me be more patient. More snuggles, more kindness, more appreciation. So while I can't pinpoint really specific things I've done in this category, I still count each day as a "win".

Have these goals helped me transform my life into the kind of magnificent dream I had as a teenager? Nope. My house is still messy and I'm still not nearly as fit and healthy as I could be. I still sometimes take my loved ones for granted.... but....

What they HAVE done is help me:
1) Focus a bit more each day on the things that really matter.
2) Feel success. I don't have to have "run a mile" each day or written for a certain period of time. I'm still making positive changes.

Maybe I'll try to be a tad more specific when we get to round 2... and maybe I won't. So far, I'm pretty happy with the attitude changes I've made and I'm counting that as a win.


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