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How do you know you're a serious fangirl? I mean, other than the fact that you spend the month of November writing blog posts about science fiction...

A few years ago, a friend and I started posting silly Star Wars items on Facebook. After a few weeks of doing this, we realized that each of our posts had been on a Thursday, so we made it official. Star Wars Thursday was born.

Over the years, many of our friends have periodically joined in the fun. We post links to videos, silly memes, or whatever has popped onto our radar over the week. My buddy Brian even hooked us up with the songs and a link to the video for the Holiday Special one year!

Lego Leia visits the Cliffs of Moher
After about a year of Facebook frivolity, a friend who runs a site called The Fandom Post issued me a challenge. Could I write a full weekly post for Star Wars Thursday for his site? I took up the gauntlet in June of 2011 with a post about Crafting with Star Wars. Since that first post, I think I've only missed a single week - when I was on vacation in Ireland! (But I did run a full post when I returned featuring the adventures of Lego Leia in Ireland)

The internet has declared that there is a "rule 63" - anything that exists also has an opposite gender counterpart. I've discovered, over the course of my years of Star Wars Thursdays, that there is also a "rule 1138". Anything that exists also has a Star Wars version. I've done posts about fatherhood, wedding stuff, and cats. I scour Etsy on a regular basis. I feature crafts made by friends, new and crazy tattoos, and my fifth graders were treated to an end of the year card that was filled with the advice I crafted for my Star Wars based Commencement Address. even managed to find enough Star Wars/Breaking Bad things to run a full post as the series ended!

There have been very few themes that pop into my head on which I haven't been able to create an entire post. It's truly a marvelous thing. Go ahead... test me. What theme do YOU think I can't possibly complete? Leave some thoughts in the comments and I'll give them a try.


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