Oh, I wish it were real... Top 5 from Science Fiction

Handheld communicators…. wait…. visors to access the internet… wait….

Hmmm… it’s getting harder and harder to find things in science fiction that don’t already exist! I dug around my mental files, though, and found a few things that I would be thrilled to have materialize in a galaxy close, close to me.

1) Medical Techniques from Star Trek

One of my favorite characters from Star Trek is Bones. (Remember this, it will come in handy when I rant about Teleportation later this month.) I loved how he always rolled his eyes when he talked about old, barbaric medical practices. Do you recall the scene in Star Trek IV when he hands the little old lady a pill, and she regrows a kidney? Yeah, that would be sweet.
From Skreened

2) Time Travel
My younger son began to insist that I add the TARDIS in here, but it's not Doctor Who Week! I'm not picky about how I get to travel through time. I'd take a DeLorean or a TARDIS or a good old fashion wormhole. (Don't get me started on the Star Trek method, which was lame... or the Superman "fly fast and spin the Earth" nonsense, though.) I'd love to get a peek at the middle ages, even though I'd never want to stay there permanently with the dirt and the Black Death. I want to meet Eleanor of Aquitaine and Marie Curie and Sally Ride.  

3) Alien Races
I've mentioned how much I loved learning about space as a little girl, right? I was constantly inventing aliens with mismatched appendages and a bizarre number of eyes. While many science fiction stories show aliens descending upon our planet to destroy us all, at least some of those advanced beings are compassionate and wise. I'd love to be in Contact (the book was way better than the movie) or hang out with Bothans and Betazoids. 

My last two picks reveal my lazy housekeeping skills. Hey, I have better things to do! (like reading and watching science fiction!)

4) Food Replicator from Star Trek
Do I even need to explain my reasoning on this one? Warm, tasty food at a voice command. Hot drinks (Earl Grey, hot). I'm pretty sure I don't even have to clean up after myself when I use it. THAT is the life. It's not just me! I tweeted out the question, and this was the first response I got. 

5) Rosie from The Jetsons

Not only do I not want to cook and clean up after my cooking - I'd rather not have to clean at all.

I'm going to cheat just a bit and give you one more, just for fun. I don't wear makeup because it's such a pain... but it might be fun to play around with it more if I had an instant applicator! Who else watches Fifth Element every time it's on tv? 

What do YOU wish were real? Go ahead, write a post of your own and link it up below! 

You get a big ol' bonus today. Not only did I do this Top 5 here, I did a "Top 5 things I wish were real from Star Wars" for my weekly feature at The Fandom Post. (I'll update this with the direct link once it is posted. For now, it links to my author page there.) 

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