Guest Post - A Tween's Thoughts on Doctor Who

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This is a guest post from Karen's Tween!
In my house, Doctor Who is a family affair.  We don't go a night without my Tween asking, "Can we watch Doctor Who tonight?" I can never think of a reason to say no, so we do.  So I thought we would get a Tween perspective.  Here is my Tween, nicknamed Kicky, writing about her favorite Doctor Who things in her own words.

My favorite Doctor Who moments are:

Favorite Doctor -10 because of his white converse and his favorite phrase "Allons-y"

Favorite Companion –Rose Tyler and Mickey because they are so caring and they listen

Favorite Villain –The Daleks because they are so evil and smart at the same time

Favorite Alien Friend – Madame Vastra because she is so loyal and trustworthy and awesome

Favorite Episode – New Earth because Rose, Cassandra, and flying cars (Editor's note: The episode her and her sister watch the most is actually The Curse of the Black Spot, so this surprised me.)

Favorite Earth Person Who Meets the Doctor –William Shakespeare because he is amazing with words

Favorite Weapon Used – The poisonous lip gloss Melody used to try to kill the doctor

Favorite Robot -  K-9 because he risked his life for his owner

Favorite Technology –Sonic Screwdriver because the doctor uses it so much and it can do cool things

Favorite Quotes - "Spoilers", she says it with such style

These are my favorite Doctor Who things (LOL)

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is my 2 cents based on the categories that she chose . . .

Favorite Doctor - 9, in part because he was my first.

Favorite Companions - So much harder to say because I love the story arc of Amy and Rory but I love the personality of Donna Noble and the way she both stood up to and humanized 10, who was so very broken. Um, so it's a tie.

Favorite Villain - No contest, the Weeping Angels.  But I am also very fond of The Silence which makes me think of The X-Files, another show I love.   The Daleks actually make me laugh every time I see them.

Favorite Alien Friend - Actually, I think Madame Vastra is a good choice because of the morality and dignity of her character, the truth she stood for, and just the way she kicked ass.  But I am also a huge fan of Strax because he is comedic relief.

Favorite Episode - So very, very hard.  Possibly The Snowmen because I love the way Clara is presented, you have Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax, and it has this melancholy haunting to it.  But I also love The Angels Take Manhattan, The Satan Pit, The Doctor Dances, and, of course, Blink.

Favorite Earth Person Who Meets the Doctor - Donna Noble's grandfather Wilfred Mott.  He just breaks my heart with his earnest love for his granddaughter and the part he plays in the life of 10.

Favorite Weapon Used - I guess I never pay attention to the weapons, so sure - the poison lipstick works just as well for me in this category.

Favorite Robot - K-9, just for its coolness factor.  I mean, it's a robot dog.

Favorite Technology - Yep, the sonic screwdriver.

Favorite Quote - I talk about this in another post, but if I had to choose one it would be, "We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"


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