Guest Post - Favorite Companions by Christie of TLT

This guest post comes to the Melange from one of the Teen Librarian Toolbox team - Christie! I'm so excited to host other perspectives here. If you are curious about MY favorite companions (and my 9 year old son's firm opinions) stop back tomorrow!

When people ask me who my favorite companion is for Doctor Who, I always have to qualify my answer because I liked them all differently.

I liked Rose because she helped 9 learn to love again, and 10 find his heart.
I liked Martha because she was brilliant, and ended up leading squadrons of UNIT and walked the Earth to save it.
I liked Donna because she stood up to the Doctor and never backed down.
I liked Amy and Rory because even though they fought and bickered, and it seemed like she was in love with the Doctor, she was always in love with Rory, and they were each other's everything.
I like Clara because she seems to have infinite possibilities, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she'll balance 12.
However, my absolute favorite companion was there for all of four episodes, and some say is not a companion at all.

My absolute favorite is Captain Jack Harkness.

Because of his growth.
Think about it.

We meet him with 9 and he's pulling scams with space junk, and caused the mutation of the human race. Then he saves everyone by trying to sacrifice himself. Then he draws off the fire of the Daleks to give the Doctor time to save the Earth again. And Rose gives him immortality, and he's left behind. He has to fight his way back to current time and space, and learn how to live with this new "life" he's been given, and how to deal with everything with a new perspective- that everyone will die around him and he will live on. Yet he takes on Torchwood, changes it's history, and makes it GOOD, and makes a force of change with ordinary humans.

That, in and of itself would make him a top companion.
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