Favorite Doctor Who Artists

I like to dance around with words - but I wasn't blessed with artistic talent. Thankfully, there are some amazing artists out there. Some of my favorites are also Whovians, and they make the world a brighter place with their creativity and talent.

If you like your Who a bit mashed up, then Karen Hallion is the artist for you. (Visit her on Facebook - she posts new art a lot!) While she creates pieces using many themes, my absolute favorites are her Disney/Doctor mashups. Her Alice mashup, "Falling", is the best of the best. I own this one as a tee. If you look closely, you'll notice the tiniest details all throughout the drawing. A fez on a shelf. Bad Wolf on the wall. Adipose, Sunflowers.. it's awesome!

Get it as a shirt on The Shirt List

Karen has also done Merida, Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and more. Oh.. and here's another personal favorite... Yes, that IS Hermione in the fireplace! Mix my favorite, bravest bookworm with the Doctor in Converse? Perfection!

Find this print at Karen Hallion's Etsy Store
Or on Redbubble at her shop.

In a different vein, James Hance does extremely realistic artwork from a wide variety of geeky fandoms. I personally own several of his amazing prints of Princess Leia (including a fun one where Han and Leia are drawn as the old couple from the movie UP!). 

He has done tributes to favorite companions:
"My Sarah Jane"

And the Doctors separately and together....

"Descent of the Doctors"

Every time something comes out in Doctor fandom, James Hance starts working. He'll even sometimes capture his process on video for us all to see! 

One of the best parts is that even though his original paintings and drawings go for a LOT on eBay, he sells the prints for $15 each. (Visit his site - Relentlessly Cheerful Art - JamesHance.Com) At that price, I'll be picking up some of the Doctor prints soon. (Check him out on Facebook. He's super active and a lot of fun to follow!) 

Do you have any favorite Doctor Who artists? Be sure to link me up in the comments! 

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