Early Resolutions

My pals online - the ones I fondly call my "Nerderati" - are at it again. A snowballing movement began this weekend. Several friends started to make goals for themselves and tweeted them out to get others to hold them accountable. Check out an invitation post from Katherine at Read, Write, and Reflect.

It's happened before. I tried to hold myself accountable for exercise when the #RunTeacherRun tag got big. It helped for a while. I'm not great at being consistent, though, and my elliptical time fell by the wayside.

This latest influx has its own hashtag - #Nerdlution. The idea is simple. Set some goals for yourself and create the best streak you can from December 2nd to January 20th. Habits that may stick around long enough to make us better teachers, happier parents, calmer family members, or just healthier people.

I'm going to keep mine simple. Three little "Hs".

1) Home
Each day, I pledge to do something to make my home a cleaner, neater, or more organized place. I do this most days anyway, as I'm the one generally in charge of the dishes and the laundry. Tracking it as a separate goal will be one way to give myself a little "pat on the back" for this. Maybe some days I can do something that will help get me ahead, instead of just trying to keep up.

2) Health
Each day, I pledge to do something to make myself healthier. That will consist of the elliptical, or exceeding my step or stairs goal for my Fitbit, or even just calling my doctor to make a yearly checkup appointment.

3) Heart
Each day, I pledge to show love. All too often, I let the days go by without telling those around me how much I love them. Little frustrations seep in. Snapping takes the place of smiles. I'm so lucky to have a supportive, helpful, amazing husband. My children are still at home. My extended family is a delight, and the friends I have adopted as family are amazing. Life is happier when we focus on the love in our lives, and my life is good.

Join us with whatever your resolution might be. Tweet, share, or just find a buddy to keep you accountable.


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