Unexpected Journey

It was a crazy weekend. My sister was scheduled to have her baby girl on Wednesday (tomorrow). Sonja decided to do her own thing and arrive early Saturday morning.

I wasn't going to be able to see my sweet little niece (and, by extension, my adorable 2 year old nephew, my sister, and her husband) until Christmas. I had resigned myself to this fact, and was going on with my life.

Instead, a text from my husband while I was at a writing conference Saturday morning changed the course of the weekend. I ditched the last session, hustled home, tossed clothes in a bag, and jumped in the car. My brother-in-law knew we were on the road, but we decided to surprise my sister at the hospital.

Untitled Eight hours later I was holding her in my arms. Instead of the certainty that I wouldn't see her until she was almost three months old I had the joyful reality of being able to breathe in that newborn calm. I could drive to the hospital and hold her so my sister could get in a little nap. I could see my nephew and listen to him talk about his new sister.


Over the course of the weekend, my younger son requested to hold Sonja repeatedly. He would walk into the hospital room and immediately use the hand wash to be sure he'd be allowed. Once, as I was holding Sonja while waiting to eat the pizza we brought for dinner, he looked at me and said, "I'm done eating now. I could hold her so you could eat?" My older son would drift over and gently touch her forehead.

Now, I'm not good at surprise changes in plan. I'm awful at the "let's just do it" scenario. I stressed over how I could write decent lesson plans for a sub for Monday. I know I'll spend this week playing catch up at work.

It was all worth it.

This is why cautious, risk-averse introverts need to marry a partner who is willing to push the boundaries a bit. If it weren't for my husband's text, I would have missed out on an amazing experience.

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