And the 12th will be....

There are so many times when it is truly wonderful to be the mother of budding geeklings. As I find new fandoms to embrace, my sons often joyfully jump into the deep end with me. The world of geekdom is filled with events that rival those the non-geeky take for granted.

Opening Day at the Ballpark? We've got season or series premiers.

Stanley Cup Playoffs? This is the time in each season when we wait with nervous anticipation for the confirmation that our favorite series has been given the green light for another season.

NFL Draft Day? We get those same pins and needles for each casting announcement. Some of those casting calls are met with intense controversy - like the recent brouhaha over Ben Affleck as our next Batman. Some are met with calm acceptance or a little thrill of eagerness.

When I heard that the casting announcement for the twelfth Doctor would be simulcast everyone in the world, I knew that my sons and I had to be part of the celebration. Unfortunately for my older son, he was going to be heading off to Boy Scout camp that day. My nine year old and I decided that we weren't willing to wait and watch it later, though, so we went ahead and made it a mother-son event to remember.

Younger can be a bit persnickety sometimes, and he had some very specific ideas about what he wanted to make for our snacking pleasure. We decided to make sonic screwdrivers and TARDIS cookies...

Pretzel rods are the perfect shape for the base of our sonic screwdrivers, and  vanilla wafers could help us get the basic TARDIS shape. A little blue icing (and some white chocolate wafers we already had at home) would give us just the right accents.

UntitledMaking the Eccleston and Tennant's sonic was a piece of cake. Just a little blue dye in the white chocolate, swirl it up, and let it dry.

Amy Pond and Madame Vashtra approve


Smith's funky clawed sonic was a little bit harder.... and we didn't get it exactly right.  It was hard getting those extra pretzel bits to stay in place while the chocolate dried.

UntitledTwo vanilla wafers put side-by-side gave us about the right rectangular shape for our favorite Timey Wimey traveling box. The surface of the wafer was a bit hard to decorate, though.

Ahhh.... perfection.


All we had left to do was wait... along with the rest of the world (or at least those who cared enough to watch live) 


We can't wait to see what this next incarnation will bring! My sons and I will be dressing up as the three new Doctors (Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith) for Halloween.

Doesn't he have the perfect
Tennant eyebrow?
Stay tuned for posts on how the search for just the right costume is going!

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