It's Monday June 10th

Well.... here we are! I have a ton of things to do to finish up my school year (We aren't done until June 17th), but this week reading took priority over almost everything else.

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Nerdbery Update - 2 more down (that's 79 done for those of you playing at home). Wasn't super excited about either of these.

Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Okay, so Small Medium at Large isn't completely realistic. She DOES talk to ghosts, after all. But the core of the story really fits that tag. I'm not used to reading about boy crushes and bra shopping!

My Side of the Mountain was a reread for my Retro Review that will be on Nerdy Book Club this Thursday. Love that book.

Zero Tolerance comes out soon. I plan to review it - hopefully before I leave on my trip.

Picture Book / Sci Fi

I saw several reviewer who didn't like this book. I think it may be the different target audience. This book would be difficult for younger grades, and may not appeal as much to readers who can handle all the crazy language stuff.

My students, though? They are gonna love it. I had it out on the shelf last week and several students pulled it off to read it. There is fake alien language (totally decodable for kids who like that kind of thing) and lots of great vocabulary sprinkled throughout. Biggest thanks to Margie - I won it from one of her weekly Twitterville posts!

Comic Books - this is a multiple issue trade

I've had many people recommend this one, and I picked it up at the store when I went for Free Comic day. It was fabulous!

It's not an actual Superman comic - it's about a guy who was named Clark Kent by his parents because they thought it would be funny. When he develops actual Superman like power, though, his whole world changes.

Didn't give it 5 stars because I found the reliance on the narrator's monologuing a bit too much - I wish there had been less of him TELLING us what was going on and more of us seeing it... but it was still wonderful.

I also have a Middle Grade Monday review up today -

The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger!


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