Special Treat of Whovian Together Time

It's my younger son's ninth birthday today. Since my Doctor Who obsession has also infected him, I thought we'd take the time to make a special treat for his birthday.

He hasn't seen the episode where the Eleventh Doctor eats "fish fingers and custard" yet, but he was still excited to give the recipe a try once I explained the idea to him. I assured him that we wouldn't REALLY be dipping fish sticks into vanilla pudding, since a lovely blogger had written up a recipe for sugar cookies that just look like fish sticks. Nice, huh?  (I linked to her post at the bottom of this post, in case you'd like to try it!)

We started with the frustration of not being able to locate the mixing blades for our hand mixer. I got the butter nice and creamy with just my spoon - and then we found them. Score one point for teaching the geekling about how to roll with the punches, and another point for actually finding the blades to finish up the batch. Too bad we couldn't make our mixer a little more sonic.

UntitledFish sticks require breading, so he joyfully crunched up graham crackers while I melted the butter. Score another point for a recipe that allows small boys to mash things up with their hands.


Here I am, behind all my hair, posing with the finished "breading" for the fish fingers.

UntitledFish fingers are ready to head into the oven! Ours may not be as lovely as the foodie blogger's, but we had fun making them! We also made chocolate cookie cups to put the "custard" in. As of this moment, I'm pretty sure they won't work out. I think we made them too thick, because when I just checked on them in the oven there isn't much room for the pudding!

Voila! Yes, the cups aren't deep enough to hold the custard. Guess we'll have to eat them separately!

Check out the post at this pin to explain the reasons why the 11th Doctor eats this absurd mixture, and for the recipe we used. http://pinterest.com/pin/103231016431331247/

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