Sci Friday - sharing summer reading ideas

My librarian is fabulous, and I love her dearly. So when she wanted to do a set of presentations for parents to help kick off the summer reading season, I happily agreed to join in. There are several of us sharing ideas with the parents who attend, and we each picked a focus area (or two) for our talks.

I presented on science fiction and graphic novels. I'll share my thoughts and Prezi about the value of comics and graphic novels in a separate post. As an added treat, my lovely librarian (aka @readerroberts) is writing up her thoughts on the event and will be my very FIRST guest poster!

I started off with my thoughts on the benefits of reading science fiction. Most of those ideas came directly from one of my earliest posts here - "Why Sci Fi?", where I discuss the power of getting kids to think about the "what ifs" that spark writers to create in the this genre.

Then I shared some of my favorite titles - many of them recent releases - for a variety of levels. Even though my presentation targeted the parents of elementary students, I had a slide with middle school suggestions and one for the parents to try! I've embedded my Prezi below. Please feel free to use and/or share it.

The link to the Prezi is here:

I know there are many more books I could have shared - this is just the tip of the iceberg. What are your favorite recent or classic science fiction tales?


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