Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th..

Just a quick post about Free Comic Book / May the 4th ..

My husband decided to join us as we ventured out to the comic book store. Last year, my sons and I got there about 30 minutes before opening, and sat alone until the opening. So this year we decided to just arrive as the store opened.

Showcase Comics is in a local mall, and seems to be doing well, but wasn't super crazy busy. We walked into the store, following some red footprints to the free comic table. There were a ton of choices, and no real limit. We helped ourselves to one of each of the ones we were curious about. The only thing I was sad to NOT find was the Molly Danger / Princeless issue. I'll grab that one on Comixology (and I highly suggest you do, too!)

One of the reasons I didn't feel guilty grabbing a decent stack of free comics was that I intend to share them in my classroom. Another? We had every intention of doing a bit of shopping while there.

The photo below shows (most) of our haul. The stack under the Superman comic is the free stack. We also bought:
MoonKnight (my husband is a fan, but hasn't owned any of the volumes since he was a kid)
Star Wars #1-4 (I was so excited to see they HAD a copy of the first one!)
Emily and the Strangers #1-2. I read the first online, and I'm hoping that this whole series stays "All Ages" appropriate.
Superman - Secret Identity - this has been on my wish list for months, so I grabbed it.
Flash #2-4 (I already own 1, as I won a slew of New 52 first issues)
The HUGE pile on the left? My husband and sons decided it's time for them to really dive in and play D&D, and everything is different ...

FCBD and purchased haul

Oh, and with GREAT product placement the shop had the first issue of Gail Simone's The Movement on display at the counter, so I couldn't resist..

I hope that my shop is open for years to come (even though we only visit periodically). We did our part!

I read several Star Wars books, though not as many as I had originally planned. I reread Darth Vader and Son and read Vader's Little Princess. I also finished Dawn of the Jedi first volume. My Star Wars and History didn't get to the top of the pile for the day (and is now late again at the library) because we went to see Iron Man 3! All in all, a fabulously geeky day with the ones I love. Untitled


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