Treat Tuesday Younglings

Time for Treat Tuesday!

I'm not up for a treat myself today, the boys didn't want to miss the chance to eat... err... share with you today! They took the photos themselves, so they are absolutely magnificent.

Don't forget to visit Niki's Daydream Reader site.. She's sharing The Center of Everything (a book I read over spring break and loved!)

I HATE Picture Books by Timothy Young.
Many people worry about younglings reading "up" because they'll miss out on all the great books that are designed for their age group. While my wee one (in 3rd grade) is devouring anything by Rick Riordan that isn't tied down, he chose to share this awesome picture book with you today. I've shared it with second through fifth graders at work and they all adore it.

"I picked this book because I think it's funny." 

Seven Wonders: Colossus Rising by Peter Lerangis

My son is super lucky, because this is my new Book Buddy book selection. I brought it home from the library this weekend and he snatched it up before I could start it. Thankfully, Kathy and I will just be posting about the cover and a prequel this week, so he has time to finish it before I need to steal it back from him. Not that he needs more time.... he started it this morning has already finished it. He gives it a HUGE thumbs up.
In this book Jack passes out into a busy street an is taken to a
strange hospital with odd kids and needs to recover seven magic loculi to cure him and the other kids

I'm currently reading:       I'm currently listening to:     I'm currently NOT eating treats! 

I'm also counting this post as a Slice of Life Tuesday. I wanted to get a poem written today, but four hours sleep makes for less than stellar use of imagery and metaphor. I'll be sure to link one up next week! 

I'm participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by the amazing educators at Two Writing Teachers. Now that March is over, we write and share on Tuesdays. Stop by to see what others are posting!

Also - if you stop by and comment, and you are also slicing - PLEASE feel free to include your URL in the comments. With over 200 people slicing, it is often hard to go find your specific link on the Two Writing Teachers page, and I'd love to come read YOUR slice too!


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