Treat Tuesday Fun

Time for Treat Tuesday! 

My boys and I have some fun books to share today...

And don't forget to stop by Daydream Reader's site for a lovely spring break reading post.

UntitledYounger: Stink The Incredible Shrinking Kid.
Once again, my sons are so very lucky! I won a complete set of Stink books during my Slice of Life challenge this year - and they arrived today.
"I chose this book because I think it's funny stink thought he shrunk"

Older: Insignia
Kathy and I used this as our Batty book a few months ago. I won an ARC of book 2, and so I got Insignia back out from the library so my son could read them both. He read Insignia in a day and then started in on Vortex. 
In Insignia the government uses teenagers in WW3 to control ships. Tom is a avid gamer and someone is watching him. He is invited to join a training facility. From then on he is going to train to be a combatant. I liked this book because of its plot twists and fast paced action.

The Colossus Rises - is my current Batty About Books selection. Kathy and I discussed our impressions about the cover art and linked to the book trailer and other information on Saturday. Check back this Saturday for our discussion of the first third of the book! 
Aliens on Vacation - a fun light read that I started today. It's an intergalactic bed and breakfast run by David's grandmom. What could go wrong?


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