Thirstday - April 18

A quick THIRSTday post from the boys... Be sure to visit David at Eat the Book, as he was the originator of this fun weekly theme. 

The Key and the Flame.
"I like the magic wand"

I won a copy of this book with some COOL swag! When it arrived, younger (3rd grade) promptly snatched it and the awesome bookmark from me. He's reading it and is really enjoying it so far. Yesterday morning he proclaimed it "awesome" and in the evening in the car he kept chuckling and saying "cool". I asked him what was so cool about it, but he doesn't want to give me any spoilers. Guess I've trained him well!

The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia
I like this book because of its many intriguing characters and strange aliens.
Umm... yeah... I mentioned that I'm corrupting them, right?

On that note - don't miss my other post today where I talk about the episode "Dalek". This is also the most recent episode I watched with my sons. 


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