It's Monday - April 15th

Welcome back to "It's Monday, What are you reading?" Big thanks, as always, to the Teach Mentor Texts team. Check out their blog for more fan-tastic posts.

Why yes, I did skip posting last week.

There's this man, you see... and it's all his fault.

Yep, that's him.... If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know about my newest obsession. I've hooked my children to the extent that - when we were at the bookstore on Friday night - they spotted a table of Doctor Who books and "forced" me to purchase a book... twisted my arm, even!  (Though I'm avoiding reading a lot of it so that some things don't get spoiled). I've devoted a new feature on the blog to my new fandom, created a board on Pinterest... you might say I have a problem.

But I'm back, and I did actually read enough over the course of the last TWO weeks to share it with you today!

Science Fiction:
I listened to Hitchhiker's Guide as part of my A-Okay to Reread commitment, and it still cracks me up completely. My son is also devouring the series.

Aliens on Vacation was a great middle grade read! I wrote about it for this week's SciFriday.

Sidekicked was a wonderful addition to the superhero genre! Solidly middle grade, but with depth and some darkness to the tale. I'll do a full review closer to the release date.

Graphic Novels / Comics
Chances are good that I won't make it through all the requirements for the SuperMooc on Gender in Comics - I definitely bit off more than I can chew. But I read these for the first week's discussion.

I'm currently working through Superman: Birthright for week 2. I do intend to read the interviews with the creators. (They interviewed Terry Moore week one and Mark Waid week 2... I can't wait until it's time for Gail Simone's turn!)

Feminist Reads Challenge / Picture book Biography
FABULOUS! I wrote this up for the Kid Lit Frenzy's Nonfiction Picture Book link (not last week, but the week before). I even gave some ideas on how to use it as a mentor text for student biography projects.

Last, and probably least... 
I read this one because I'm looking for books to use as choices for a group that just finished Sign of the Beaver (I want to offer them choices for "survival" as a theme.) This one was good, but not great.

Don't miss the second post in the Batty About Books series of discussions about The Colossus Rises, either!



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