Center Stage

Slice of Life has ended - so what do I do? Start writing poems for April's poetry month, of course! While I make no promises to do one every single day, I do plan to stop by Bud the Teacher's site to get my daily dose of inspiration. He's posting an image a day to get our juices flowing. 

Check out the First Image - a boy on stage.

"Center Stage"

It's a dream he's had
since his earliest days;
as the photo albums

At three -
grabbing the mic in
a preschool production;
astonished caregivers
in the background with
sheepish grins.

At five -
wrangling the
neighbors into performing
kindergarten jam sessions.

At seven -
wielding a toilet scrubber
outside his parents' room;
proudly declaring he'd do
"anything" earn guitar

Middle school - high school
pass in a blur of
late night jams and
midnight inspirations.

It's time -
his big break has come.
Over and over
he rehearses until
each note sings in his head.

Tonight -
he steps onto
center stage
to make his
come true.


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