Winter's Dying Breath

This is the view out my back window on Thursday morning, the first full day of spring:

I know we've been "lucky". Many other places near us have been slammed by snow and have had a ton of snow days. Us? Nada. We got two days off for Hurricane Sandy, which ended up being just a big rainstorm here. Having no snow days isn't a terrible thing, because we get out a few days earlier in June. I'm heading to Ireland right after school ends, so I'll take those extra days. A few two hour delays would have hit the spot, though.... 

While the dusting is lovely, and doesn't interfere with the work commute, the cold snap does place a chill on the weekend plans. I'm a den mom for Cub Scouts, and we are going camping. I detest being cold, and we were planning tent camping. Guess who chickened out and cried "uncle!" I'll be sleeping in the heated cabin this weekend. Forget roughing it, I need sleep! 

I'm participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by the amazing educators at Two Writing Teachers. Stop by to see what others are posting!

Also - if you stop by and comment, and you are also slicing - PLEASE feel free to include your URL in the comments. With over 200 people slicing, it is often hard to go find your specific link on the Two Writing Teachers page, and I'd love to come read YOUR slice too!


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