Treat Tuesday Rides Again

It's Treat Tuesday! Another chance for my family to show off our favorite reads of the week and for my boys to talk me into candy.

Visit Niki's site - Daydream Reader - for more Treat Tuesday goodness. We also tweet with #TreatTuesday

Younger: The Lightning Thief

"I like this because it is the only Percy Jackson book where they go tothe underworld except for the last one."

Older: Maximum Security (part of the Cherub series recommended by the sons of @KrisBisBooks)

"In this book James has to break a kid out of jail and have him lead them to his mom, a most wanted weapons smuggler." 

Me: I'm finally reading The Runaway King! I have a student all in a lather to get the book from me, so I'd better get it done. 


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