Thirstday Spring Break Style

Once again, the boys are on the ball! "It's Thursday mom, can we do THIRSTday?" Check out David Etkin's site - Eat The Book -for more THIRSTday fun.

So, here we go!


We just got Poseidon by George O'Connor (I tweeted but didn't blog our Treat Tuesday this week), so the boys insisted I bring home the others in the series for them to reread.
"In this book they show the war with the titans from Zeus's point ofview. This book has a great storyline and amazing pictures"

Both boys blew through and really enjoyed 13-Story Treehouse - coming out in mid April.
(Goodreads Link here, so you can add it to your TBR list!) 
I chose it because it is very funny, like catenarys. (Apparently there are flying cats, which cracked both boys up. I haven't read it myself yet, because both boys snagged it out of my pile.)

Still loving The Girl from Felony Bay and also reading The Secret of Zoom.
Don't miss the adorable and hysterical picture book - I Hate Picture Books! Check out Timothy Young's site

(ARCS from the publishers - Girl from Felony Bay and 13-Story Treehouse)

UntitledAnd a bonus photo - Books in the Wild! I had promised myself no more buying books until I've read some of the multitude I already own... but I broke down. It's all Yoda's fault.


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