THIRSTday sharing

The boys are all over this blogging thing now. Once we finished our Treat Tuesday photo and write up, they were already asking about doing THIRSTday this week..

Check out David's "Eat the Book" blog - he got this fun meme started!


Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

"I chose this book because there's magic."

Six Stories by Douglas Adams (starting with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe and Restaurant at the End of the Universe) He was inspired to read it after seeing the Google Doodle last week!

"In this book the earth is destroyed and only one escapee named Arthur who gets away with some aliens."   - that's a pretty concise synapsis for a really funny book!

The Westing Game
I'm finishing a re-read of this one for a reading group and as part of the Newbery Challenge!


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