Thirstday celebration

Started by David Etkin at Eat the Book, #THIRSTday is another quick and easy way to share books we love.

The boys decided to eat ice cream tonight instead of having ice cream (I'm a bad mom, but not THAT bad), but they still wanted to share some books with you!

Deathly Hallows
He's not currently reading it (he is reading the Spiderwick series at the moment), but it's a constant favorite.

The One and Only Ivan
He finally read it Wednesday. Now all three of us have shared the love.

Star Wars and History - I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to digging in!
The Girl from Felony Bay - I guess I don't read enough mystery, because this post is the first time I'm tagging a post with "mystery". Anyway, I've heard great things about this upcoming Walden Pond Press title and I'm excited to read it!


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