THIRSTday - better late than never

With thanks to David at Eat the Book for this weekly meme!

My boys got me to take this photo last week, and I forgot to get it on the blog. Untitled Older: Freakling - a science fiction I grabbed at the library and then he stole from  me. He recommends it for your reading pleasure. (I have it on my shelf to read now)

Younger: Gregor and the Code of the Claw - he read and responded to this one for his school journal. He's adoring this series.

Me - This was the week I read Hokey Pokey. Many are saying it is an early Newbery contender for this year. I found the beginning hard to get into, but then I was sucked into the world. It's an odd one to classify, though.

The boys both had "Butter Beer" - cream soda with whipped cream on top.


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