Little Acts of Rebellion

This year, finding idea for my Slices seems to be going well. Of course, it's still early in the challenge. So when the thought, "I could slice about that" pops into my head, I make sure to write it down. Sometimes my way of remembering is to start a post from my phone, even if it is only the title. That is exactly how this post began.

My little acts of rebellion are so small, they hardly bear mentioning. And yet, they make me smile. The one that triggered this post was leaving my shirt untucked. At a Cub Scout meeting, no less!

Untucked shirt? Rebellion? Yes, and it all traces back to the school I attended from 2nd through high school graduation. We had a simple dress code. No uniform, just a set of rules for how we would look neat and presentable. One of those rules was that our shirts must be tucked in at all times.

I detested this rule.

I didn't mind wearing a skirt every Friday. Okay, it didn't thrill me, but I survived. That shirt, though? That always annoyed me. Some days I would get around the rule by folding the shirt up under itself so it looked tucked in. Often I would choose to wear a sweater or another outfit that didn't require tucking.

I got to college and almost NEVER tucked in a shirt. To this day, I still resent wearing anything that needs tucking. Dare I admit that I rarely tuck the sheets in carefully, either?
So when I went to Cub Scouts and left my shirt rebelliously untucked, I knew I had to write about it. It's the little acts of rebellion that make me smile.

Shirts untucked.... and crazy socks.

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