It's Monday March 25th

I'm rushing to get this post done (I usually write it on Sundays!)

Be sure to visit Teach Mentor Texts to check out the other marvelous bloggers and their reading week for great additions to your to be read list.

A quick image of my reading week - and then I'll chat about a few.

Picture Books:
Stop Snoring, Bernard! - I won this one from Ame Dyckman when she was celebrating her illustrators. Cute and simple,

Barnum's Bones - I think I'll write this one up for an upcoming NF picture book Wednesday. Great biography of a paleontologist.

Middle Grade:
The Fourth Stall (Mystery) - I kept meaning to read this one because I got it inexpensively on Kindle. Then I won the 3rd book from Walden Pond Press and I knew I needed to read it. It's a fun mystery/humor book with middle school kids who have a "mafia" style feel. Very Godfather like. I have a student reading book one now and I'm curious to see what he thinks.

The Runaway King - So good! And I have several students who have read and adored it. Your upper elementary and middle school students will love this historical fantasy series!

Graphic Novel:
Persepolis - Why yes, I DID make the time to read it because of all the furor. I don't see what the problem is in using this with middle school students. Yes, there is a drawing of torture. It is REAL, and the drawing was done carefully. It's a frightening world, but the content in this novel was handled respectfully and well. Highly recommend.

Adult Books:
Teens would also love Hexed - it's the second book in an urban fantasy series that is very "Dresden Files" like. So funny, lots of pop culture references. Definitely an upper teen book though (it was written for adults)

I have an ARC of The Girl from Felony Bay. This is a GREAT middle grade mystery!

I'd love to link up to my posts from this past week, but I need to get dinner on the table! I also have a post coming up this coming week on the Teach Mentor Texts site about Strong Women.. don't miss their series!


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